We are there when you need us

We look forward to making our clients’ life easier by delivering, quick and efficient troubleshooting and helping you plot your next new feature. We are consultants, developers, and client support specialists. We are available to help squash bugs, fix annoyances, and enhance your website over time.
We are a Web Supporting Company based in Hyderabad and associating your web presence is of prime importance for us. We at 3SHADZ don’t sell a website as per your requirements but, our potentiality
lies in solving your web support issues as quickly and smoothly as possible. We work in
coordination to safeguard your investment and improve it along with added features,
fixing what's broke, and making it easier for you to administrate.

We are there when you need us

3Shadz is a Website Maintenance Company focusing on client servicing based here in Hyderabad - India supporting websites based on the WordPress content management system, PHP, HTML, Bootstrap, .Net. Our process is communications focused. Our job is to finish our tasks in a reasonable amount of time and to ensure that your online presence stays active, secure, and work stable. Our website maintenance services are going to help keep your website up to date and performing at its highest level.

What do we do?

If you are inclined to be making regular changes to your website, you can save money by purchasing a website maintenance contract. It is one year long, non-refundable maintenance contract. The monthly maintenance charges are based on the size of quality of your website at the time the contract is signed. This maintenance contract enables you to manage and update your website or store with the changes you request. Under this maintenance contract, you are entitled to make all your requests regards the changes which fall under the scope of maintenance as agreed.

  • Shopping cart product updates and e-commerce functionality improvements
  • Adding new or removing out-of-date web pages
  • Adding photos, images, logos, graphics, PDFs, videos, etc.
  • Adding forms and/or external links
  • Check all forms are working properly and enquiry emails are getting received
  • Virus, Bugs and browser incompatibility removal
  • Server performance checkup
  • Upgrading your CMS or Plug-in
  • Reworking outdated components
  • Adding new pages or sections to your website
  • Making individual updates on an as-needed basis
  • Monthly website & Database backup
  • Check for any broken link on the website
  • 404 error recognize and resolve or redirect to a working URL
  • Why choose us?

    We make sure to deliver your project on time, on a satisfactory budget and with exceptional customer service. No project is too less important and there's no such thing as a silly question. Our core value demonstrates who we are and how we operate.


    3SHADZ offers you a variety of elements to be combined.

    3shadz is the best Web Maintenance & Support Service provider in Hyderabad, India and USA
    specializing in handcrafting stunning designs that meet
    our client's vision and goals.

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