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Web Hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible through “World Wide Web”. Web Hosts are companies that provide space on the server either they own or lease, used by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center. Web Hosts can also provide data center space and connectivity to the Internet for servers which they are not own and not located in their data center.

3shadz offers Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting Services. We offer high Quality web hosting services on Linux and Windows Operating systems as we do not oversell by making our packages too cheap and we do not limit our package by resources as many do when they offer so much of web space but on the other hand limit the same web space by putting limits on CPU usage, RAM usage etc.

Domain Name Registration
A domain name registry is a database of all domain names registered in a top-level domain. A registry operator, also called a network information center (NIC), is the part of the Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet that keeps the database of domain names, and generates the zone files which convert domain names to IP addresses. Each NIC is an organization that manages the registration of Domain names within the top-level domains for which it is responsible, controls the policies of domain name allocation, and technically operates its top-level domain. It is potentially distinct from a domain name registrar.

Once if your domain registration is done or completed, the domain will become yours for the period of the contract, usually one year. Before registration expires it must be renewed, or the domain reverts back to being available to the general public. .

3shadz provide economical services for Domain Name Registration. .


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