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Blackberry is undoubtedly popular among enterprise users. Businesses love BlackBerry because of the security, reliability, Secure messaging, Ability to run apps in the background and Multi-tasking. Besides a host of easy-to-integrate features like calendar, address book, to-do list, notes and IM. Blackberry applications can easily integrate with your existing systems like CRMs, Sales systems, ERP, billing etc.

Blackberry has 14.8% market share of worldwide smartphone sales. Even though this market share is slightly influenced by Apple and android products recently, it still has significant share in business world.

3shadz has team of Blackberry development engineers who has expertise in developing various apps. We build custom application for all BlackBerry Smartphone devices such as BlackBerry Strom, BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Pearle, BlackBerry Bold and Blackberry 7. Our team is also getting ready for Blackberry 10 new operating system and its apps.

Our Offerings for Black Berry App Development are as follows:

  • Blackberry Wireless Solutions Development
  • Blackberry Wireless Entertainment Development
  • Blackberry Web Search, Internet based Solutions Integration
  • Blackberry Mobile, PDA, Wireless technologies to bring innovative software    development solutions as per your needs.

  • Blackberry CRM Applications Development
  • Business and Sales Application Development
  • Blackberry Utility Application Development
  • Blackberry Gaming App Development
  • Migration of applications from J2ME to Blackberry and vice versa
  • Blackberry ERP Applications Development
  • BlackBerry Widget Development
  • BlackBerry Communication Application Development

  • You can hire our Blackberry App developers for your creative Projects & Development. We do develop applications under NDA (Non disclosure Agreement).


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